Digital Picture Frame Hacking Roundup

Written on March 7, 2009 – 11:29 pm | by bluehash |

hack_open_photo_cubeWith all the nice hacks on digital picture frames scattered around the web, I decided to put them all in one place for reference. Due thanks to all the hackers out there who put their work out for everyone to see. It’s the joy in reverse engineering. For some of the hacks I’ve included a compressed file with the code and webpage archived in case the original site goes down. If you are the author an would not like it, please let me know.

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PHILIPS Picture Frames
philips_7ff1am_7fficmi_frame_hack[v]incent was able to display his images directly to the frame by writing a little script which prepends a binary header to the JPEG file. There is a detailed writeup on how he reverse engineered the picture frame format.

Detailed info:

SAMSUNG SPF-83v Frames
samsung_spf-83v_digital_frame_hackThe frame parses feeds and regular html pages for images and displays them. You can use the frame’s i-net-functions to serve it data.
[t]obe from Infolexikon uses PHP to gather data and writes it all to an image using gd. These images are then pushed to the frame at regular intervals.

Detailed info:

CEIVA Picture Frames
ceiva_picture_frame_hackThe CEIVA runs on a Cirrus Logic Maverick(EP7212) controller. It’s based on a ARM720T core with 2Mb Flash and 4Mb DRAM.
Initial hack done by [c]olin. The frame runs on Linux. Necessary patches and images are provided. [b]rad keeps a worklog here
New code can be loaded via a serial port on the PCB through a simple level converter.

Detailed info:

KeyChain Displays
tom_tec_digital_photo_fram_hack2[j]eroen from Spritesmods maintains a wiki of compatible keychain displays with his firmware hack. He and a couple of guys regularly update it with new displays. Most of the displays use the SITRONIX ST2205U controller in them. I tried my hand in doing the same with the Hannah Montana Vu-Me photo frame. I got close, but bricked it in the end.
Their code is maintained at Google code

Detailed info:

  • Models:
    • TomTec
    • Coby DP-151SX/DPKEY
    • HK unbranded
    • Keypix
    • Dealxtreme SKU5218
    • Innovage
    • Dig-291
    • Innovalley
  • Webpage
  • Wiki
  • Google code

digital_spectrum_memoryframe_hack_arm920The MemoryFrames run on WindowsCE5. [r]etoor from managed to crash the frame using a keyboard, mouse and following a sequence. The frame runs on an ARM920T – a 32bit Arm9 processor. The following is an excerpt from his “YouTube’s more info…” link:
…”Basically you need both the mouse and keyboard plugged in, scroll down past the “Settings” option, scroll back up, and click the word “Settings” with your mouse. There is no enter key on the keyboard so you have to click the mouse….”

Detailed info:

JUICEBOX Digital Frames
juicebox_digital_frame_hack[j]oevennix managed to rip out the LCD from a Juicebox and enclose it in his own custom frame. He didn’t have the mp3 kit at that time( although you can get it online), so he soldered a SD card slot into the cartridge connector. His webpage is down. The following is an archive of his work.

Detailed info:

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34 Responses to “Digital Picture Frame Hacking Roundup”

  1. leet says:

    Nice list and good info. Good enough to get started.

  2. ah good. nice posting guys. thanx a lot

  3. Charles says:

    These are some nice hacks, is there any possibility of your doing a serial terminal from a cheap photoframe, for things like routers, tivos, and or other embedded devices? I would think that some of them already have serial interfaces, but lack alphanumeric sets (maybe they have them?) and might just need a keyboard and connectors along with firmware hacks.

  4. bluehash says:

    @Charles.. The not so good thing about these frames is that they are System on Chips(SOCs). They develop everything as a one chip solution and program the chip( which maybe one time, I’m not sure). I was unable to a find serial terminal in any of them. But using the hack done by sprite, like the keychain displays, you can upload a fresh hacked firmware.

  5. Cam says:

    I’ve got a frame that I’d like to hack, to get rid of the date that it superimposes on the pictures. No idea if it will be possible!

  6. mp says:

    Hi, I have a LG PF391 picture frame. The standard firmware really lacks of features. I’m looking for some open source alternative, even a hardcore version would be better than this.

    Thanks to all of you for your work!

  7. jawn says:

    nice work. I’m looking to do this to some of the smaller (keychain size give or take) frames. fingers crossed I find a way to do it to some of the least expensive ones. I’m working on a project that will require a lot of them.

  8. dp says:

    The script for the SAMSUNG SPF-83v Frames is now available at:

  9. bluehash says:

    Thanks for the update dp. I’ve updated the Samsung frame section.

  10. BullDog says:

    Does anyone know anything about the Camnex efr@me (efw209a)?

    There is firmware available for download and appears to be Linux, from my limited knowledge.

    Could it be CEIVA based?

    FYI, the product info and FW pages are here:

  11. davor says:

    Does anybody have any info on Pandigital PanTouch looks very interesting .it has included touch screen surface witch looks like is usb driven (USB mini).

    here is link:

  12. Fileark says:

    Sweet thanks for gathering the info, I have a Kodak frame that I will start on soon, will let you know if I do any good.

  13. a3 frames says:

    I really like the Phillips one. Very stylish.

  14. Rogerio Souza says:


    I Have a dead Kodak M820 digital frame.

    It’s possible to do some kind of Jtag on it to reinstal the firmware?

    Anyone knows how to do it?


  15. bluehash says:

    Header J18 near the controller looks interesting. Looks like an ICSP(In Circuit Programming) connector to me.
    What controller is that?

  16. @bluehash , Sorry to insist , but do you see any way to recover my frame?

  17. Mario says:

    Hi Rogerio,

    I have a kodak M820 and I am experiencing the same problem as yours.
    It never worked.
    I was wondering if you came up with a solution.
    Please if you resolved the problem give me some instructions.


  18. RuffTrade says:

    I’ve been surfing the web for weeks now collecting information about this hack. Most of it is sparse and incomplete. I’ve filled a page of bookmarks just collecting as much as I can. Today, I stumbled on your page. Thank you for doing the work so guys like me an spend more time hacking these devices and less time just trying to get the necessary info and resources.

    Well done mate!

  19. jackH says:

    Looking for Kodakpulse hack – Looks like has not been done yet.

  20. bento says:

    trying to get access to a So you 3.5 telefunken digital frame.
    anyway to read the files ?

  21. M H says:

    Another frame hacking project you might want to add to this page.

  22. M H says:

    This project creates an SD-card switch, so an SD card can be connected to a picture frame (e.g.) to display data. But a computer can disconnect the SD-card, write new data, then reconnect it to the frame.

    Not a picture frame hack per se, but a potentially useful way to use a picture frame (or other SD-card) device as a display.

  23. bobsmind says:

    I was wondering….
    I have a picture frame, coby because it was cheap, works fine. What i want to do is hook it up to a 15″ screen, they are both tft lcd, the monitor is a vga, but can the ribbon from the frame screen plug into the bigger screens ribbon port, bypassing the the vga input?

  24. sunny says:

    I have unbranded digital photoframe which has display only .jpg picture. no movie, no mp3 & no other facilities except calander & speakers!!!
    it has hair Hi1018A & EtronTech ******836 165**** chip/ IC on pcb.
    can anyone help me to add voice/speaker. also want to see video on my DPF. thanks in advance.


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